Steam boiler

Techno-Combustion Inc. performs various repair, maintenance and modification work on your hot water or steam boilers. Tube replacement, refractory repair, tank and piping installation, burner replacement, conversion and combustion analysis.

Talk to our experts before replacing your equipment. We can offer you profitable energy-saving solutions.

Techno-Combustion Inc. can perform all maintenance and repair work to your heating or steam network.

Industrial burner

Techno-Combustion is a specialist in Eclipse burners. We also work with all other types of industrial burners. NORTH-AMERICAN, MAXON, WEISHAUPT, SELAS, RIELLO, POWER FLAME

We design combustion systems integrating industrial burners.

Our team can select the right burner for the process application and establish the required capacities.

Since a burner cannot be used alone, a control panel and a set of valves are required to comply with industry and CSA standards.

Techno-Combustion Inc. can make the necessary adjustments to regulate your industrial burners. Repairing and maintaining your burners allows you to reduce your energy costs and increase their efficiency and performance.

Our technicians include former technicians who are very familiar with the burners and systems originally sold and manufactured by Eclipse Montreal. They can provide the service and maintenance required to keep these systems in good operating condition. Our commercial agreements with various manufacturers allow us to always remain at the cutting edge of technical and technological developments.

Paint Booth

For a long time now, distributors and manufacturers of paint booths have entrusted Techno-Combustion Inc. with the start-up and warranty service of the equipment they represent or build.

Over the years, we have developed a highly-recognized expertise in the field for all brands of booths, SAIMA, THERMOMÉCANICA, DEVILBISS, BINKS, OMIA and of course GFS and Blowtherm.

If the performance of your paint booth does not meet requirements, you need us.

We have the knowledge to provide periodical follow-ups, technical controls, repairs, filter replacement, cabin pressure control, air balancing, etc.

Our technicians are qualified by Global Finishing Solutions and Blowtherm, which includes the Devilbiss brand.

Ventillation and heating

We repair and replace heaters, unit heaters, tubular radiant heaters, roof units, etc.

We specialize in the repair and maintenance of tempered ventilation units. Our team can advise you on ways to improve the performance of your equipment. We are also able to easily supply you with original parts for all types of equipment as a result of relationship with a vast network of distributors.

In addition, Techno-Combustion Inc. can convert or modify your units, adjust air volumes and convert the units into double volume, variable volume or other types of units.

Infra-red oven and processing

Recently imported from Europe, ERATEC is now available at Techno-Combustion. In partnership with the manufacturer, we can design and distribute metal fiber burners unique to ERATEC.

Infrared solutions are particularly used in the fields of powder paint baking and food processing.

This new technology installed on your equipment provides:

  • Optimized production speed
  • Energy savings
  • A more durable system

Techno-Combustion Inc. is involved in the development and integration of ERATEC radiant heaters. In direct partnership with the manufacturer, solutions will be developed to meet your specific needs. This revolutionary technology offers almost infinite possibilities.

Older infrared technologies have their share of problems.  ERATEC technology enables, among other things, rapid ignition and precise control of the radiation intensity.

To learn more about this new technology, visit the ERATEC website

Full integration of a radiant system to your existing installations or a brand new system is available on a turnkey basis. We offer the manufacturing of powder paint baking tunnel and high temperature combustion chamber adapted to modern processes. With experience in calibration and infrared processes, our experts can help you improve your current facility, rendering it more efficient and more profitable.

  • The specialized team handles the air balancing of all types of baking ovens, food processing ovens and dryers, as well as burner replacements to optimize energy efficiency or improve productivity.
  • Analysis of cooking temperatures using temperature recorders.
  • We also replace refractories, analyze combustion and replace control box components.