Industrial burner specialist!

24/7 throughout Quebec

24-hour emergency service

Has a breakdown occurred at your facility? We know that repairs must be done quickly to avoid slowing down your industry's production.

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  • Adapted service vehicles
  • Specialized equipment: combustion analyzers, anemometers, multimeters; control calibrator, temperature recorder, and signal simulators
  • Quick response to urgent service calls
  • Qualified technicians with industry training and experience
  • Replacement parts supply directly from the manufacturers
  • Use of transportation resources by air, bus or taxi for emergency parts delivery when required
  • Creative people to find innovative solutions
  • Fast and efficient follow-up
A team dedicated to your cause!

When one piece of equipment stops working, the entire production is shut down. Techno-Combustion Inc.'s mission is to get everything back up and running quickly so that you can resume your activities. Our interventions are designed with the long-term operation of your systems in mind. Then, our after-sales service will measure your satisfaction.

Our experienced team can travel throughout Quebec to service your industrial equipment.

Piping and installation

Techno-Combustion Inc. has the necessary licenses and equipment to handle your gas, steam and hot water piping work. We are the right choice for your facility.

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As an accredited Energir partnerTechno-Combustion Inc. offers access to a financial assistance program.
Our installers are fully equipped to perform replacement work and the installation of your boilers, burners or heating equipment.

The installation of gas piping or equipment is performed by technicians with ITG and TAG1 qualifications. You will be making the right choice when you entrust us with the installation, repair or modification of your steam, domestic hot water or hot water heating systems.

Analysis and certification

Maintaining your combustion systems creates a perfect balance between efficient performance and a reduction in pollutants.
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Air calibration must be frequently adjusted and checked to ensure that your equipment is operating accurately and efficiently.

Techno-Combustion Inc. has the necessary, state-of-the-art equipment including, among others, anemometers, temperature recorders and analyzers.

Temperature recorder
The quality of your products and the efficiency of your equipment go hand in hand. Techno-Combustion Inc. has a temperature recorder that allows you to continuously check the temperature curve of your baking ovens. We can analyze and calibrate your ovens more quickly and efficiently.

Appliance approvals
All gas appliances must be approved before operation. Techno-Combustion Inc. can handle this approval process. 

The process should be started as soon as possible so that your facility can be up and running quickly. Our specialized team can take care of the entire process ensuring that you have error-free documents leading to faster approvals at a good price. The choice of an expert is important and can be a determining factor in obtaining a gas appliance seal of approval. We regularly act as technical representatives for CSA, CGA and Intertek. As such, we provide all the necessary support to obtain gas approval for your appliances. This will facilitate approval and reduce costs and waiting times with the mandated companies.

Repair and maintenance

Our mission is to get your equipment up and running quickly so you can get back to business. We offer our services throughout Quebec.

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When one piece of equipment stops working, the entire production is shut down. Techno-Combustion Inc.'s mission is to get everything up and running quickly so that you can resume your activities. Our interventions are designed with the long term operation of your systems in mind. Then, our after-sales service will measure your satisfaction.

Our experienced team will travel throughout Quebec to service your industrial equipment.

We repair, service and install: 

  • Heating appliances:  
    We repair and install heaters, unit heaters, tubular radiant heaters, roof units, etc.
  • Hot water and steam boilers:
    Techno-Combustion Inc. provides repair and maintenance services for your hot water or steam boilers. Tube replacement, refractory repair, tank and piping installation, burner replacement, conversion and combustion analysis.

The Techno-Combustion Inc. teams are trained and accredited to install control systems for Siemens heating controllers. These devices provide considerable energy savings by precisely controlling the positioning of the valves and dampers that regulate the air and gas to the burner. A very low-cost installation with significant savings for your industry and a profitable return on investment.

  • Industrial and agri-food ovens: 
    The specialized team handles the air balancing of all types of baking ovens and agri-food ovens and dryers. A burner replacement will optimize energy efficiency or improve productivity. We also repair refractories, analyze combustion and replace control box components.
  • Industrial burners: 
    Techno-Combustion Inc. can make the necessary adjustments to regulate your industrial burners. Repairing and maintaining your burners will reduce your energy costs and increase their efficiency and performance.

Our technicians include former technicians who are very familiar with the burners and systems originally sold and manufactured by Eclipse Montreal. They are able to provide the service and maintenance required to keep these systems in good operating condition.

  • Tempered ventilation units:  
    We specialize in the repair and maintenance of tempered ventilation units. Our team can advise you on ways to improve the performance of your equipment. We are also able to easily supply you with original parts for all types of equipment as a result of relationship with a vast network of distributors.

In addition, Techno-Combustion Inc. can convert or modify your units, adjust air volumes and convert the units into double volume, variable volume or other.

We come directly to your company to repair any type of industrial system, including heating units, steam and hot water boilers, paint booths and many others.

See all the systems we repair, service and install. 

Repair, service and installation
of industrial burners

The company specializes in servicing and repairing industrial burners. We provide fast and efficient service. A mission that Techno-Combustion Inc. has been advocating since 1968.

Paint booth
Body shop service

Air filters: We supply all types of filters (ceiling, floor, AMU, evacuation, etc.)
Maintenance: We offer planned service contracts
Service: Our technicians are trained and accredited by recognized manufacturers
Sales: Authorized distributor for Global Finishing Solutions
Installation: We will assemble and connect your booth (gas, control, etc.)


Antal Török founded Techno-Combustion Inc. in 1968, based on his experience as service manager at Dominion Bridge, and his desire to provide fast and efficient service to his customers in the boiler industry. A mission that Techno-Combustion Inc. still advocates today.

In 1998, Laszlo Juris became a partner. With his knowledge and experience in industrial burners and controls, he became the sole owner of the company in 2008.

A few years later, in 2010, Daniel Toutant became his partner, bringing to the company more than 25 years of experience in the field.

We are gradually expanding our expertise and services offered.

In 2013, Techno-Combustion Inc. added the 15-5 Plumbing category to its contractor's license. Then, in 2014, the Certified Gaz Metro Partner accreditation. In 2015, the company was a finalist in the Best Service Company category at the Maestria gala of the CMMTQ.


Loss of production of industrial systems is a real nightmare. Techno-Combustion Inc. will always arrive on-site quickly.


We are gradually expanding our expertise and services offered.




Service remains without a doubt the company’s business vision pursued since its creation.

Relying on the right team is a
winning solution!

Our team is comprised of dedicated people who bring a rich and diverse range of skills in industrial burners. Of course, they all work towards a common goal: to ensure the satisfaction of our industry's customers.

Our certifications