Gas system design

Each application is different. Gas systems must be designed by specialists in the field. With the multitude and particularities of the burners offered by manufacturers, the right experience necessary to make the right choice. The components that provide proper operation according to specific needs also require special attention. Techno-Combustion Inc. is at your service.

Gas system manufacturing

In our factory, our team manufactures complete combustion systems. From the burner to the valve train, including the control box, the entire system is custom-designed to meet your needs. The components are verified and tested directly at our facilities. After manufacturing, we take care of installation and after-sales follow-up to ensure your complete satisfaction. Techno-Combustion Inc. takes care of appliance approval procedures and CAN/CSA code compliance.

Control box

Control boxes are assembled and fitted at our factory. The panels are then tested in order to control the quality and proper functioning. Creating the panels ourselves allows us to control and check the quality. We therefore set our own standards in order to efficiently meet industry standards. Panels are designed and created according to the customer's needs. By designing them directly at our plant, they are adapted to the realities of the industry.

Control diagram

Our electrical technicians, specialized in the design of gas systems, can provide you with a control system that meets your needs and CSA standards. All control and valve diagrams will be developed in compliance with certification requirements.

Modification and repair

Our team will do a follow-up of your equipment. Emergency repairs or improvements to your systems are always carried out to increase the equipment's efficiency.

Sales and installation

Our sales team will analyze your needs, then following the choice of equipment, our installers will proceed with the installation, gas connection and other components of your installation. The start-up and adjustments are carried out by our certified technicians.

Service contract

Techno-Combustion Inc. will provide service follow-up for all its customers based on the manufacturers' recommendations. Nevertheless, Techno-Combustion Inc. offers planned service contracts for a better follow-up of service schedules and cost control.

Advice and expertise

The choice of an expert is important and can be a determining factor in obtaining a gas appliance seal of approval. We act as technical representatives for CSA, CGA and Intertek to:

  • Produce the drawings and parts list
  • Produce the purge calculations
  • Produce the technical drawings
  • Provide the start-up and adjustments’ reports

We offer all the necessary support to obtain a gas approval for your appliances. This facilitates the approval and reduces waiting times with the mandated firms. (ETL or CSA).