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Techno-Combustion Inc. offers a specialized service

for all your needs associated

with your equipments

Our history

With a broad knowledge and experience as a technician and service manager for Dominion Bridge, Mr. Antal Török, decides to start his own business in 1968.

The mission of Techno-Combustion will be to offer a quick and reliable service for the customers.

Mr. Török understands the importance of responding quickly to avoid production loss.

1998 Mr. Laszlo Juris, nephew of Mr. Török, joins the company. Mr. Juris brings his knowledge of industrial burners used for manufacturing applications and extensive experience on industrial controls.

Techno-Combustion Inc. takes flight again in 2008 when Mr. Laszlo Juris becomes the sole owner.

2010 Mr. Daniel Toutant, joins the company as co-owner. he brings his 25 years of experience.

The expertise and services offered increase gradually. Thus new technologies, industrial ventilation equipment and paint booths are added to the services already available.

2012 Mr. Rémi Lamarche joins the company adding to the already highly qualified team over 25 years of experience in all types of paint booth and ventilation equipment.

2013 Techno-Combustion adds to its contractor's license the Plumbing 15-5 category

2014 Techno-Combustion is accredited Gaz Metro Authorized Partners (GPMA)

2014 A dispatch department is set in place under the supervision of Mrs. Hélène St-Laurent. Her experience is vital to the management of more than 10 employees.

The Techno-Combustion team now offers a comprehensive service in the design & installation of any type of gaz equipment.

2015 M. Jacques Inkel service technician for Eclipse Combustion Canada since 1988, joins Techno-Combustion following the consolidation of Eclipse Combustion's operations to Mississauga and the closing of the Montreal branch. In addition to the years of service with Eclipse Combustion Canada, Mr. Jacques Inkel has over 40 years of experience in the field.

Although the company is still expanding, the service remains our priority.

Mr. Török has conveyed this vision.